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Thank you for choosing Mr Ken's Organization ("Mr Ken's" "us" "our" "we").


We hope this will be an enjoyable event for you - as we strive to continually deliver the highest standard of service  and make your function a pleasurable and warm experience.


As many of these events take place in your own or someone elses space, the following terms and conditions of service apply:


All glasses, cups, mugs, spoons, Espresso coffee, COLLiSiONS & CHOkcAS milkshakes & bubble tea making equipment and ingredients are the property of Mr Ken's at all times. Any breakages will need to be paid for at the event end at an amount agreed at the time. Receipts for these and event payments will be issued upon request. Payments are to be made by cash, BACS, Paypal or debit/credit cards.   Current pricing methods can be found on the PRICING page of this website.


Use of ingredients of Mr Ken's stock for making all drinks consumed are included within the event price. Any remaining ice cream milk and ice unused during the event will be left for your consumption/disposal due to the nature of

frozen/chilled products.

Mr Ken's will clear up all spillages from kitchen areas/work areas and remove any refuse created by drink making such as paper towels and used coffee grounds and any plastic containers/confectionary wrappers.

At times we MAY require use of a kitchen sink, along with hot water for cleaning.. this is usually for very large events where we are using regular ceramic mugs/latte glasses and not takeaway/disposable cups.

For these larger events (big conferences etc) we may also need a decent portion of kitchen work space in order to satisfy drinks demand. A fridge freezer may  also be required for minimal space to keep ice and ice cream frozen. For all events we will require at least TWO power sockets. Our marquee (if required), coffee equipment and power leads are regularly tested and are of a commercial standard.


Mr Ken's cannot be held responsible for any breakage of your own property  nearby to the designated work areas during the event. We ask that you  remove any valuable items so we may operate in a clear clutter free area. It is advisable to allow us access to view the assigned work areas up to 48 hours prior to your booked time in order to ensure both you  the customer and Mr Ken's are agreed on space and access to areas needed to make the drinks and also for us to carry out a brief risk assessment.  These are known as 'pre-event' meetings.


All coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos and espressos are hot drinks involving boiling water and are served in latte glasses/mugs/cups. All iced  drinks-frappes/thickshakes  are served in American style milkshake glasses. During outdoor events such as festivals etc. we will use plastic and thick  paper based cups due to certain licensing rules that apply to outside ( & sometimes indoor) events. No alcoholic beverages are available. Amaretto and Irish cream appear through flavoured syrups and are non alcoholic. Mr Ken's do not supply a hot cooked/cold food service. We supply non-alcoholic drinks only, which are made at the actual event. Most of our drinks may  contain nuts. Mr Ken's cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions arising from the consumption  of drinks made during the event therefore it is your responsibility to check  all menus and it is your right to view all our ingredients' labels during the drink making process if you so wish.   If you are allergic to any of the ingredients we regret there are no other alternatives within our menus. Semi skimmed milk  is used mainly in all drinks - skimmed and soya is available at your request. All milk & ice cream is purchased for your event  at the start of the day and kept fresh in a portable fridge/freezer.

You may inspect products before we use them.


Please discuss any concerns you may have/preferences or any operational concerns during the 'pre event' meeting. During larger events, Mr Ken's MAY acquire additional staffing in order to cope with demand. This will usually be a family member.  You may meet any extra staff prior to the event if you so wish.  Mr Ken's will always leave an amount of recyclable promotional material for exposure, of course you may refuse to accept  these if you wish, however from time to time  discounts will be offered in exchange ie: recommend a friend etc.  During your event Mr Ken's will display a banner advertising our  service and menus along with contact information. If you do not wish us to display this banner please advise us to see how best to communicate the menus.All Mr Ken's electrical PAT tests, food/hygiene certificates, risk assessments & public liability insurance documents are available upon request.


DEPOSITS: Deposits are taken when you have invited us to trade at your event if  it is likely to be  quiet or the number of heads attending are unknown. This is to cover our costs should transactions be low. It must be paid upfront prior to event start or at the time of booking. The £50 deposit is then refunded once sales have reached £150 or more. (Note deposits are not refundable for prebooked pay per head Weddings.)

The deposit shall be refunded in the same way as it was paid either by refunding a debit/credit card or if made by cash will be refunded in cash.

The amount is refunded soon after the event once all transactions have been completed and the deposit payments

cleared by banks.


Thank you taking the time to read the small print! For any further information you require please email us.  

For all our policies please select from our listing of policies, terms and conditions & privacy policy by clicking HERE. For full terms and conditions of use of this website please click HERE.


Mr Ken's Organization 2017. Information updated JULY 2017.

Service terms: