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Our large tea range has something for everyone!

Our tea menu

Chai latte:

Steamed milk and a choice of flavours..

We always stock these at events: chocolate tea chai latte, mango fruit chai latte,

spicy chai latte, peppermint chai latte, vanilla chai latte. These drinks are just the perfect answer

at any event all year round - they warm you up, make you feel good and taste absolutely amazing!


NEW:   Green tea & honey chai latte with antioxidents - hung over?

This is a must when we are serving at festivals in the Summer!


Our chai lattes are 99% caffeine free. Contains fructose. Suitable for vegetarians, made with milk or soya.



All our chai latte drinks are made using the DRINK ME brand -  the biggest and most popular chai latte makers in Britain!


Bubble teas:

You can mix and match our different flavours! Choose from the main drink flavours of Strawberry, banana, lemon meringue pie, honeydew melon, mango and chocolate flavours. Then you will need to add one of the various flavourings of the

'juice pobbles' -the bursting bubbles... try mango, strawberry, lime or blackcurrent.

These drinks are usually served with water and ice, in the hot Summer months.

You can ask for extra creamy versions of these by asking us to make them with semi skimmed milk

and topped with squirty cream! The combinations are endless and FUN!

We tend to stock bubble tea mainly in the Summery months, if you require bubble tea at your event please ask us for this to

be added to the menu and we be happy to add them!


Fruity and green teas:

We carry a large range of various Twinings, Birchall and Dorset Teas. Ask for: Bold Kenyan, Smokey lapsang, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Camomile, Strawberry, Lemon and ginger, Peppermint, Chai -spicy and also chai with salted caramel, all these are soothing refreshing teas and are usually served without milk but we can add milk if you so wish. We also have various green teas, these are so good for you and the accquired taste is something you never forget.. like it or love it!


Regular teas:

Our regular tea of choice are the Twinings Extra Strong and Breakfast teas. These are also available decaffeinated.

Redbush tea is our service choice if you like the Redbush taste.. Have with a drop of milk, sugar if desired.

If we are trading at events, our general pricing for teas tends to be no more than £2 for a decent sized cuppa!



If it's Summer time - there is nothing better than a fruity tea - eg. red berries, with ice and topped with a helping of bubbles that we use in our bubble tea range. This makes a very similar drink to bubble tea - but without the creamy taste. Just simply refreshing! Ask for one of these during the hot Summery months!



So - with such a large range have we convinced you to try these teas? At Mr Ken's you can be sure that you and your guests won't be disappointed and there truly is something for everyone here. If you have any questions about our menus and if you are worried about the ingredients please always ask - or you can email Mr Ken's here



Please note some of our drinks may contain traces of nut. Check with the barista at the time you order or ask to see the ingredient labels.