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Ice cold shakes

try our 'iced collisions' shakes available all year round

Our ice cold thickshakes are called ICED COLLISIONS!

A rich thick velvety ice cold drink made with milk and a choice of various flavours that can be

blended (collided) with other flavours to make the perfect 'iced collision'!

Also we do an extrathick shake called 'THE CHOKCAS' - try one if you dare!

This is a collision of all flavours and there is only one - hazelnut double choc coffee!  They are also available at all events - just ask!  

Our iced collision range of flavours that you can collide with ice and milk are:

banana, chocolate, chocolate cookies, caramel,

white chocolate, pralines, gingerbread, strawberry, spiced chai, raspberry,

strawberry tea, mint, vanilla.

Our fast selling shake at festivals(especially first thing in the morning!) is:

banana chocolate iced collision! Try one.