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Nobody likes to hear bad news..


If you still haven't made up your mind about whether to use our service or not, why don't you check out the reviews below and let our regulars help you make

your decision.


We are all for being open and honest so don't think that only the good reviews are posted. We include good or not so good, all of which help us to deliver a service second to none.


If you are a customer of Mr Ken's we encourage you to fill out the brief form on this page and we will then place your review on the form opposite.

Please give us as much detail as possible about your experience in dealing with Mr Ken's whether your are an event organizer who booked our service or you are a customer at an event and want the world to know what you think.


Many thanks in advance.

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Corrine from Bournemouth says:                                                               Lisa from Poole says:

"the best iced coffees ever!"                                                                       Really beautiful drinks and ken is very personable, would highly recommend him

Overall score: 10/10                                                                                      for any event. Overall score: 10/10


Louise from Bournemouth says:                                                                 Matt from Poole says:

"Having Mr Ken at my monthly event                                                        He's simply the best there is - always a smile on his face, and the coffee is out of this

freeway poets, has added something special                                        world! Overall score: 10/10

and extra. He offers a fantastic service, value for money                

and there is always something delicious and exciting                        Tristan from Wiltshire says:

for anyone. I would highly recommend him, and what a                      I love your bubble teas and chai latte. Please open a shop!!!

fab, friendly and fun person he is. fantastic all round.                        Overall score: 10/10

Overall score: 10/10

...thanks guys! Keep 'em comin'..