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So what is NCASS and what does it have to do with us?

Well... a little over a year ago we decided that we needed to be part of something big. What NCASS

offers it's members is piece of mind - from an 'everyday business as usual' aspect. What we

get is a wealth of knowledge from their advisors and support team along with professional help for all

our legal obligations. These days running a catering business is very complicated and full of so

much paperwork and red tape. Every event needs scrutiny and assessing. And, albeit we are a low risk,

we are classed as a food business - we make things our customers consume - so we needed all the

knowledge and legal know how from a body that assists and advises us as well as keeping us up

to date with all the necessary documents we need to be able to trade effectively, legally and

of course -profitably!

What does this do for our clients/customers?

IT GIVES:           Piece. Of. Mind.

YOU know when you book Mr Ken's to make coffees and teas at your super exciting event, that we will

be professional, have all the documents and legal requirements to trade/serve and that

we conform to all NCASS policies and procedures. We are fully insured, have regular testing of our

equipment & also the barista is aware of the hygiene responsibilities and has been trained accordingly.

All in all, NCASS is great for Mr Ken's to be a part of. Event organisers may find this link useful.