Mobile coffee shop by Mr Ken's

Mobile coffee caterer, barista service for events, any occasion, call Mr Ken's today and chat to us about your requirements.

The coffee shop that comes to you. We can trade, or for a fixed price we can provide our service. Anyday. Anytime.

To get an instant quote for us to serve our full drinks range

of coffees teas & shakes at your event, please click here.

Call: 07916217138.

COFFEE SHOP FOR YOUR OFFICE CONTACT MR KEN'S WELCOME TO MR KEN'S COFFEE FOR EVENTS WEBSITE The coffee shop that comes to you for events any occasion
Mr Ken's brings the coffee shop to you

Our Coffee Shop

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Where ever there is a good event -be sure Allie Kay organised it! Click here - opens in a new window! Mr Kens knows some great entertainers for your event while you enjoy our coffee

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mr kens knows a great photographer to capture you drinking our great coffees! Call Mr Ken's for a rundown of who we know and how we can help make your event a success