coronavirus Covid-19: OUR RESPONSE STATEMENT



May I offer sympathy for those suffering and/or affected by the current crisis facing our world regarding the coronavirus.

This has taken us all by absolute surprise and it looks like this is not going away any time soon.

I am always available to anyone who wants to chat/sound off about their situation - maybe we can do that over a cup of coffee! All I ask is that we all help each other and do what we can to stay well and safe.


Business information for Mr Ken's and how this affects us and our customers.

Coffee for events:

Like many other businesses in the mobile catering/events trade, due to the coronavirus we have suffered cancellations and restrictions which affects our ability to access a (normally) thriving sector. But this is only temporary and things will,

eventually, and for the most part return to normal.



WE HAVE TEMPORARILY CEASED TRADING AT *EVENTS* HOWEVER..  this is ONLY  a coffee - break! We will be back when the Government and relevant authorities tell us it is safe to do so!















COFFEE BREAK! New! Coffee for your office:

This is a new offering from Mr Ken's. Helping offices etc get the most out of their coffee breaks, we sell and deliver packaged coffee beans and other 'coffee shop' supplies necessary to businesses such as offices where staff and their clients can enjoy their breaks/meetings with great tasting coffee and tea. We only use reputable wholesale suppliers to obtain our products

and this service is only available by a bespoke ordering system tailored to local businesses.


There is very little impact to our clients while this coronavirus crisis continues and we do have plenty of supplies to be able to continue delivering as normal using the ordering system in place.


However, this MAY change but only if the Government impose a strict lockdown and that of course will affect business across

the board. We will be in direct contact with our clients to see how things are and what we can do to help in any way with our service and if there is any impact on our service following any Government enforcement etc.


Our service delivers your products in a clean (food safe) sanitised tote that we hand over to you. Upon receipt we then remove the empty tote you are currently using to store your packages - including any old packaging that we can dispose

of/recycle locally.

Mr Ken will always ensure a safe and clean handover of your delivery at all times.


Should you have any questions regarding this service and you are a client or a possible new client please don't hesitate to get

in touch using the below contact options.


For more information regarding any of the above, please call +44 7916217138   or email us:   [email protected]


Please also note Mr Ken's offers the event service for all NHS staff at a reduced rate - click here for more.


Mr Ken's is a member of NCASS - click here to find out more information.


If you need further information/advice about coronavirus/covid-19 please click here. (Government website).


This page will be updated regularly with any new/changed information as we soon as we get it.

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sole trading businesses in the events sector that

have been forced to close without support from the

Government, may then be able to return when this crisis is through.

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