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How Mr Ken's works

What we do how we do it and where we mainly do it!

So - firstly what type of event are you having?

Are you planning for a Wedding, business event or maybe a festival or party? These things need to be considered because it will depend on how we trade. Where we operate is again up to the size of your event but mainly the South and South West. We have two methods of operation so you need to decide which is better for your event:


We trade and you save..

This method suits events such as festivals and gatherings where your guests will pay for their own drinks. We set this up as a simple coffee shop indoors or outdoors. To book us for this method we do require a £50 deposit. This amount will be refunded to you if we reach sales during the event totalling £150 or more. The deposit will be refunded in the manner it was paid - cash or credit card etc.


One off payment service..

This method suits the majority of the events we work at. Business meetings, exhibitions, networking events and sometimes Weddings etc. The event organiser pays a one off fee based on the size of the event and the guests can enjoy our service for as long as required with no limit to the number of drinks.


Booking, fees and what to expect..

Mr Ken's is easy to book - just call or ask for a price quote here. Fees are always dependant on the size of your event especially events where we are providing our service through a one off payment. All prices are listed here as a rough example. When we trade our prices are very similar to a regular coffee shop.

Our set up is bespoke to your needs and when we trade we like to operate under our own point of sale and branding. This can be dampened down for conferences and Weddings. Please speak to us so we know what you want. Once everything is decided we will handle all the legal details and present any documents as requested - remember Mr Ken's is a full member of NCASS. Then, on the day, we will be there to make your event a memorable one.