Mobile coffee shop by Mr Ken's

Mobile coffee caterer, barista service for events, any occasion, call Mr Ken's today and chat to us about your requirements.

The coffee shop that comes to you. We can trade, or for a fixed price we can provide our service. Anyday. Anytime.

To get an instant quote for us to serve our full drinks range

of coffees teas & shakes at your event, please click here.

Call: 07916217138.

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Hot chocs & mochas

Creamy hot milk drinks with a hint of yummy flavours

Mochas for events any occasion served by Mr Ken's call 07916217138 to book Hot chocolates for events served by Mr Ken's - takeaway for festivals and exhibitions or full service for businesses and Weddings.

Who likes hot chocolate? ME! Imagine more than a hot chocolate - now serving at Mr Ken's is a new type of hot choc - they're called speculoos. Order a cup of creamy warm milk and ask for a speculoos stick. It's a chunk of chocolate with other spices and slight flavours like cinnamon, all on a stick that you place in the hot milk & stir. Drink the now flavoured hot milk or simply enjoy the melted choc off the stick! If you want to try and collide other flavours we have try a hot choc with a hint of mint, honeycombe, praline, gingerbread, irish cream - the list is endless just ask our barista for one -you won't be disappointed!

Hot choc mochas! Order an espresso or a double espresso and why not

stick a speculoos in it for the perfect mouthwatering hot mocha?

Speculoos are an amazing invention for those who love hot chocs and

mochas. Other combos available for a mocha are flavours such as dark gourmet choc, white choc, caramel, choc hazelnut, pralines, Irish cream, gingerbread and many more! Just ask our barista for the espresso and

hot dreamy steamed milk and choose from the range of flavours to

make your mocha an experience you've not had before!

And go on - be naughty - ask for a big dollop of squirty cream and a chocolate dusting on top! Oooooooh ..yummy!

Parties and charity events - our hot chocs and mochas will make your event super exciting!