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Mobile coffee caterer, barista service for events, any occasion, call Mr Ken's today and chat to us about your requirements.

The coffee shop that comes to you. We can trade, or for a fixed price we can provide our service. Anyday. Anytime.

To get an instant quote for us to serve our full drinks range

of coffees teas & shakes at your event, please click here.

Call: 07916217138.

Mobile coffee caterer for events by Mr Ken's WELCOME TO MR KEN'S COFFEE FOR EVENTS WEBSITE The coffee shop that comes to you for events any occasion
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Family Savers Card

This offer is available for any of our customers

upon production of this card:


1 kids drink for FREE when an adult purchases

one or more drinks from our menu totalling more than £2.50.

The free kids drinks range to choose from are as follows:

  • any juice or bubble tea

  • any milkshake

  • any warm milk drink

For more info about this card please click here


Discount schemes

Third party offers available to use at Mr Ken's

HSD Second Poster


NHS discount has been running for a while now at Mr Ken's but we've never had a dedicated page for our discount and loyalty schemes.

So what do you get if you work for the NHS?

Upon production of your NHS card you will get one of the two following

deals depending on how we are trading at a particular event:


Offer 1: Get 50% off ANY drink combination at the till.


Offer 2: Get 30% off your fee when you book Mr Ken's to serve our

drinks at your event for your guests to use for free.


Offer 2 is suitable for events such as Weddings or Corporate events

like networking or meetings where a trade set up and guests

paying for their drinks is not a suitable method. So, usually the event

manager would pay for us to serve for a certain length of time during

the event, & if they hold an NHS card then 30% is discounted.