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Double or singe shot espresso with water added to your particular taste. Steamed milk or cold milk is usually served with an americano to add as you require.



Double or single shot espresso, part water and topped with thick microfoam from steamed milk. Soya options available.



Double shot espresso with less steamed textured milk on top. Similar to a flat white but with a stronger emphasis on the espresso.



Ground coffee beans are placed into a portafilter and the espresso is brewed at a certain temperature to ensure full bodied with lots of crema!


Flat white:

Double shot of espresso with steamed, textured milk - similar to a cortado but with more textured milk.



Double or single shot espresso with steamed milk. Various flavouring syrups are available at all events. Popular choices are vanilla, caramel, gingerbread, hazelnut and pralines.



Double shot espresso with a layer of thick microfoam on top. Can be dusted with chocolate or cinnamon. Flavours can be added using our syrups.



Depending on how you make it - some describe this as a coffee with added chocolate milk! Others, may decide it is a chocolate drink with a shot of espresso. Well, for this page we will class it as an espresso based drink made with steamed chocolate milk! Soya version available using chocolate Soya drink.





We use MONIN brand of syrups - our usual stock holding is caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, Irish cream, pralines, gingerbread, banana.



We use semi skimmed milk. Skimmed available. All bought fresh on the day! We always use the Alpro Soya range.

For allergy information - please ask to see the packaging labels of any products we use to make your drinks.



We always use the Lavazza brand of coffee. Our usual blend is Grand Espresso or Rossa. These beans are perfect for events and after many years of trying various brands and blends, we always come back to Lavazza because we believe, and our customers believe, it makes the perfect cup - everytime!

Coffees by Mr Ken's - check out our range of coffees to tempt your guests at your event: